Time Machine, Wu Kingdom Helv Relics Museum, Wuxi, China

Time Machine is an interactive experience at the Wu Kingdom Helv Relics Museum in Wuxi, China. Designed by Spanish company ACCIONA Producciones y Diseño, in collaboration with Boris Micka for art direction, Marc Tamschick for the development of audio-visual productions and Kraftwerk Technologies for the installation of audio-visual hardware.

The project was to create a new exhibit system that went beyond the standard 2D audio-visual format and delivered a spectacular opening to the Museum. To guarantee visitors felt part of the show it had to be large-scale, covering the floor and wall. Furthermore, the entire surface had to be interactive and transform in unison with the position and movement of the audience. The total surface covered by video projections is 685 m2 making it the largest immersive and interactive screen in the world.

Visitors enter the Time Machine through a curved passage with its walls entirely covered in a thick carpet, acoustically isolating the show. Once inside, visitors discover a semi dark large space measuring 32.8m x 14.2m x 9.8m. The entire curved facing wall is used to project the main film production; the entire floor is also a projection surface that interacts with visitors; the side walls are large mirrored areas that reproduce images of infinite space.

Visitors travel back in time to witness the rise of the Wu Kingdom and its ruler King Helv during the era of the spring and autumn period (514 – 496 BC); they are caught up in the great battle of Boju and stroll the streets of the city of Wu (modern day Wuxi), experiencing in first person the daily life of the people of the time and the technological and cultural advances they had made. All the elements experienced through the film can be seen in the museum and the recovered archaeological remains.

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