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Founded in 2009, Museum-iD magazine explores new ideas and developments in museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites around the world. With a progressive attitude and international approach, Museum-iD is renowned for original articles by world-class contributors, in-depth features, high-profile interviews, stunning photography and high production values. Museum-iD magazine is published biannually with a Feb/ March issue and August/ Sep issue. The publication is available in both print and digital editions and is committed to sharing innovative museum theory and practice in museums globally.



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Issue 23 contributors:

Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell, Head of Public Programs, Smithsonian American Art Museum and The Renwick Gallery, Washington, D.C., United States; Nicola Bird, Project Manager, Multaka-Oxford; Community Engagement, Oxford University Gardens, Libraries & Museums; Nick Merriman, Chief Executive and Director, Horniman Museum and Gardens, London; Laura Wilkinson, Programme Director – New Museum, Museum of London; Maria Ribas, Head of Audience Development, CCCB Centre de Cultura Contamporània, Barcelona, Spain; Martin Brandt Djupdræt, Chief Curator and Head of Research & Presentation, Den Gamle By Open Air Museum, Aarhus, Denmark; Kati Price, Head of Digital Media and Publishing, Victoria & Albert Museum; Dafydd James, Head of Digital Media, Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales; Gail Symington, Director of Collections & Public Engagement, Royal Museums Greenwich; Andrew Simms – author, analyst and campaigner – books include Ecological Debt: Global Warming & the Wealth of Nations; and Do Good Lives Have to Cost the Earth?; Coline Cuau, Visitor Insights Manager, The British Museum; Harrison Pim, Data Scientist, Wellcome Trust, London; Katrina Lashley, Program Coordinator, Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum, Washington, D.C. United States; Jennie Carvill Schellenbacher, Curatorial Assistant, House of Austrian History, and PhD student, University of Vienna

Selected articles featured in issue 23:

Museum-iD, issue 23

Multaka-Oxford: a ‘meeting point’ for people and cultures – Nicola Bird on the new model of collaborative and socially engaged museum practice creating volunteer opportunities for refugees

Sharing the Love: Community Engagement in the 21st Century – Nick Merriman on why museums must look to the best of Victorian liberalism and re-avow the vital importance of appealing to all

Gallery of the Islamic World – In a new suite of rooms at the heart of the British Museum, this major re-display explores the Islamic world through art and material culture

Taking A Stand Against Neutrality – Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell on considering the crucial role of social justice in defining the 21st Century museum

Structuring for Digital Success – Kati Price and Dafydd James on why museums need to be better at defining digital success and the steps required for digital transformation

Collections & Communities – Rather than be defined by outcomes, Royal Museums Greenwich wanted their £25m Endeavour Project to be shaped by the journey

Invisable Insights – Coline Cuau and Harrison Pim on using data from TripAdvisor reviews to gain valuable insights into the visitor experience

The Museum of Rapid Transition – Andrew Simms asks what is the public role for museums in a world where civilisation faces existential environmental crises?

Reclaiming the Edge: Urban Waterways and Civic Engagement – Katrina Lashley on enabling communities to challenge the often stigmatizing narratives around their connections to the natural world

Towards a definition of the “Activist Museum” – Jennie Carvill Schellenbacher argues the more museums can can inspire action in their visitors, the more relevant they will become

Museum Visits of the Future – Pioneering collaboration plans to reimagine museum visits of the future using storytelling and virtual technology