Museum-ID magazine, Issue 26 2023 edition




“Museum-iD magazine has energy. Like a great museum, it wakes me up, tells me stuff I didn’t know and surprises me. I feel better-informed and more hopeful for the future of museums after reading an issue” — Sara Wajid, Co-CEO, Birmingham Museum Trust

Museum-ID 2023 Edition

In a time of growing inequality, social and economic injustice, environmental emergency, and perpetual political crisis, we want to play our part in reimagining museums as ethical, people centred organisations. It means building trust in co-creation, fostering and honouring equal partnerships, embedding empathy and inclusive practice, and taking a stand against the myth of neutrality. It means handing things back and handing over control. Depending on who you talk to this approach is often either branded brave and radical or dangerous and foolhardy. Really it is simply human decency, respect and social justice in action. For museums to be meaningful they need to progress ethically and with integrity. Now is the time to build a more equitable and hopeful future for museums.


MuseumFutures Africa
Sophia Sanan on the pan-African project which makes clear African museum workers and stakeholders are best placed to define and create their own cultural change

Future Museum Project
What the future of museums looks like in Guinea, Singapore, Botswana, and Argentina. Museum workers based in 18 countries across 6 continents have already contributed to the project

This Is How It Should Be
In a landmark case of cultural repatriation, Manchester Museum has returned cultural heritage items to the Anindilyakwa People of Groote Eylandt.

Hello Future: Manchester Museum
£15m transformation driven by the belief that museums have an extraordinary power to build understanding and empathy between cultures, across generations and time

Museum Ideas 2023
Study days and conference exploring the ideas shaping the future. 2023 was all about discovering unique projects with emotion, imagination and new possibilities

It’s About Handing Over Power
Art Fund award grants of £1million for museums and galleries to reimagine their support for their workforce and improve inclusion and diversity

Art Fund Museum Of The Year 2023
The Burrell Collection in Glasgow wins Museum of the Year with project to create the most accessible, inclusive and sustainable fine and decorative arts museum in the world

History As A Civil Right
How to build a social justice museum: Jennifer Scott on creating a museum with a mission to play a vital and active role in the ongoing fight for justice and civil rights

Museums As Sites Of Intense Longing
Puawai Cairns on the museum being a site of grief and how to rewire the emotional currents flowing from museum encounters by supporting indigenous communities

Generators Of Social Change
Miranda Millward and Thomas Procter-Legg on what happens when you enable young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities to curate their own spaces

Democratic Potential Of Handling Collections
Helen Arfvidsson on why handling collections can help us rethink how museums work and that our focus should be on speeding up the shift towards more inclusive practices

Taking A Stand Against Neutrality
Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell on repealing the myth of innocence within museums and considering the vital role of social justice in defining the 21st Century Museum

Routes To Return
New website launched to aid repatriation process from European museums – with laws, policies and guidelines as a resource to compare different approaches and learn from one another