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Study Day: Decolonisation in Action and Cross-Cultural Understanding

Multaka-Oxford © University of Oxford

Museum Ideas Study Day: Multaka-Oxford — Decolonisation in Action and Cross-Cultural Understanding

Proposed event: September 2021, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford

* Due to coronavirus this workshop has been postponed until 2022. Please do not purchase a ticket until we have a new date confirmed. If you are interested in attending the event please email and we will add you to the waiting list. Thank you

How can museums and collections be utilised as positive spaces for people to connect across communities and contribute to cross-cultural understanding?

Since 2017, Multaka-Oxford has developed the role of museums and collections to facilitate inter-cultural understanding and dialogue. It has also supported transcultural identity as people settle in the UK, as well as tackling sector priorities of decolonisation and inclusive working practices.

Multaka — meaning ‘meeting point’ in Arabic — brings a structured programme that values and supports the development of individual people, communities, collections, organisations, partnerships and networks. Through community and people-centred practice, the History of Science Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum have approached the structure of the project, object interpretation and public engagement through lenses that are multi-cultural, multi-faith and multiple identity.

The project has created inclusive teams of staff, volunteers and participants who are contributing to the wider debates on how we decolonise collections, organisational structures and culture. During this study day, you will experience Multaka — the meeting point between people — and become part of this inter-cultural and critical dialogue.

Together with the Multaka team of museum directors, project staff and volunteers, you will think through the programme and its values, and learn how to adapt, advocate and implement similar activities in your organisation and local area. Directors Laura van Broekhoven and Silke Ackermann will talk you through how the programme works strategically in the museum with talks on decolonisation in action and the impact on organisational culture. The Multaka team of staff and volunteers will facilitate a deeper understanding and the potential for programmes in your organisations and areas of work.

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Multaka at Pitt Rivers. Image by Ian Wallman
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