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27 Parsons Green Lane, London, SW6 4HH
T +44 (0)845 680 7770

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Innovative, dynamic and passionate about interpretation, for over a decade Imagineear’s management team have been leaders in building and delivering outstanding audio and multimedia tours for cultural and attractions clients worldwide.

For visitors, using good, intuitive technology is not memorable in itself; it’s the content experience that stays with them. What they learnt, whether the tour spoke at their level, if they could find what they were looking for quickly, and find more, immerse themselves, concentrate, trigger new layers of audio/video content, sweep through 360º images, take something of value away, and enjoy themselves. At Imagineear, we understand that great handheld tours help people see, understand, remember and learn more, so with our clients, we build great audio and multimedia tours from offering advice, planning and experience design through to remote updates and operational support.

Clients include museum collections, touring shows, blockbuster exhibitions, observation decks, and historic sites and buildings. To make tours available to as many people as possible, Imagineear publish to a wide variety of platforms, including our own intuitive audio and multimedia players, as well as to visitors’ smartphones.

Imagineear’s Multimedia GroupGuide™ platform is a market first. It gives visitor venues a greatly enhanced capability for guided group tours. Guides can both speak to their group and choose to trigger pre-loaded multimedia content on the group’s players. Content can vary for different group members, for example, by age or language, allowing the guide to accompany very diverse groups.

Whatever the need, and whatever your budget, Imagineear has the experience to create tours tailored to your visitors’ needs and expectations. We have built multilingual audio and multimedia tours for high profile and smaller museums alike, covering audio, interactive and multimedia tours, and smartphone and tablet apps.

Imagineear’s headquarters are in London, with offices in Amsterdam, and partner offices in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, the UAE and the US.

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