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Haley Sharpe Design

11-15 Guildhall Lane
T: 0116 251 8555
F: 0116 251 9119

Head Office – HSD also have offices in London, Toronto, and KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

Oriel Wilson – Business Development Consultant – UK
Direct Line: 0116 242 9029
M: 07899 794 927

Company Profile:

Haley Sharpe Design are storytellers. We use creative design to make connections between diverse audiences and diverse cultures. And we are passionate about communication.

Good design stimulates communication between people and the objects, imagery, environments and ideas around them. It ignites conversation amongst audiences. Through innovative design, we seek out the best intellectual and emotional triggers to spark these connections.

We seek effectiveness, not simply effect. Inspiration as well as impression. Reflection as well as breathless excitement. So our solutions embrace the simple and low-tech as well as the latest gadgets, and seek understanding as well as interaction.

And we don’t forget that effective communication to visitors starts with sound communication between the creative partners. So we listen carefully to our clients, discuss with them constantly, and keep the dialogue fun and fresh. It’s all part of together creating a great story.

The Haley Sharpe Design team is a multidisciplinary group of individuals with a common passion. We provide broad-ranging skills in the planning, design, and production of interpretive and interactive exhibitions for museums, science centres, visitor attractions and historic sites.

Our staff of more than sixty enthusiastic individuals have skills and qualifications covering curatorship, education, operations and management, in addition to design, architecture and fabrication. It’s a comprehensive service to fit the specifics of each project.

Close collaboration with our clients and their stakeholders means creating tailor-made displays that communicate effectively with their particular audiences. In particular we strive to understand cultural differences. Combining academic integrity, learning opportunities and entertainment, we produce unforgettable visitor experiences.

Clients include:
Alutiiq Museum, Alaska
Canadian War Museum
Historic Jamestowne, Virginia
Museum of Liverpool
Natural History Museum (Sharjah)
Royal Ontario Museum
The National Children’s Museum of Jordan

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