Call for Papers: Museum-iD magazine, issue 25

Museum-iD magazine, issue 24

“Museum-iD magazine has energy. Like a great museum, it wakes me up, tells me stuff I didn’t know and surprises me. I feel better-informed and more hopeful for the future of museums after reading an issue” — Sara Wajid, Head of Engagement, Museum of London

Call for Papers: Museum-iD magazine, issue 25

Founded in 2009, Museum-iD magazine explores new thinking and developments in museums, galleries, archives and heritage sites around the world. With a progressive attitude and international approach, Museum-iD is renowned for original articles by world-class contributors, in-depth features, and high production values.

Museum-iD magazine is published biannually with Spring and Autumn/ Fall issues. We are now inviting expressions of interest and proposals for issue 25 of the magazine, published in early 2020. 

We are looking for a wide range of contributions – from short opinion pieces and expository essays to practical case studies and in-depth, referenced articles. Please also get in touch with your project news.

If you are interested in contributing, please contact Gregory Chamberlain – – for further information. Your proposal should include a working title and synopsis of your proposed article (at this stage a brief paragraph is fine), your name, job title and organisation. The deadline for proposals is Friday 29 November. The copy deadline is Friday 28 February 2020. 

Examples of articles recently published in Museum-iD magazine:

Reframing Archaeology and Anthropology in Museums – Dan Hicks on the temporal, political, and imaginative limits of archaeology and how archaeologists apply their discipline to the most recent past

Multaka-Oxford: a ‘meeting point’ for people and cultures – Nicola Bird on the new model of collaborative and socially engaged museum practice creating volunteer opportunities for refugees

Sharing the Love: Community Engagement in the 21st Century – Nick Merriman on why museums must look to the best of Victorian liberalism and re-avow the vital importance of appealing to all

Taking A Stand Against Neutrality – Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell on considering the crucial role of social justice in defining the 21st Century museum

Structuring for Digital Success – Kati Price and Dafydd James on why museums need to be better at defining digital success and the steps required for digital transformation

Power and Resistance in the Archive – Nina Finigan questions what institutions remember, what they forget, and what this means for the work they do and for society

Invisable Insights – Coline Cuau and Harrison Pim on using data from TripAdvisor reviews to gain valuable insights into the visitor experience

The Museum of Rapid Transition – Andrew Simms asks what is the public role for museums in a world where civilisation faces existential environmental crises?

Reclaiming the Edge: Urban Waterways and Civic Engagement – Katrina Lashley on enabling communities to challenge the often stigmatizing narratives around their connections to the natural world

Towards a definition of the “Activist Museum” – Jennie Carvill Schellenbacher argues the more museums can can inspire action in their visitors, the more relevant they will become

Museums Capitalising on the Innovation Adoption Lifecycle – Frances Lloyd-Baynes argues that where a museum sits on this curve significantly affects its approach to exhibitions, audience engagement, communication, enterprise, content management, and, increasingly, to its collections



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