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AudioConexus Inc.

177 Wellington Street, 2nd Floor
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 3E3, Canada

T: +1 (613) 507-1300

About AudioConexus
At AudioConexus, we believe in eliminating barriers and making tours accessible for everyone. We help organizations kill mind-numbingly boring tours by creating engaging tours that attract attention and new customers, so your museum can grow.

More than 30 million people around the world listen to AudioConexus tours year-round, in over 30 languages. On foot in attractions and museums and in buses, boats, trolleys, trains and trams. We’re even the first company to deliver multi-language tours on submarines and airplanes. We think that’s pretty cool.

Audio Guides
Create more satisfied visitors and dramatically improve your broader audience appeal through enjoyment-based education. You will offer your visitors superior experiences through stories that connect people to your objects, collections, galleries and spaces worth visiting.

A Smarter Solution for Visitor Engagement
Today’s visitors want more information about objects and art than what’s offered on wall panels and labels. Instead, with an AudioConexus Audio Guide solution, you can build your audience with personalized audio interpretation, control your message, remove language and accessibility barriers, improve visitor flow, extend your understanding of collections and exhibitions and much more.

Plus, you’ll reclaim the time you’re wasting constantly searching for someone qualified, experienced and dynamic to provide your guided tours. The time is now to provide your visitors with unique experiences and show them they’re valued.

Become Your Visitor’s Favourite Storyteller
Today’s narratives need to move from mind-numbing facts and figures to where they’re needed most: our hearts! The educational value of providing engaging and entertaining stories is universal across cultures.

By enriching visitor experiences and deepening people’s enjoyment of what you have to offer, you enhance access to your educational mandate while improving quality of service. Your stories present opportunities for learning experiences that help create meaning in people’s lives. The purpose of audio guides is to create emotional experiences that inspire visitors to engage with the world around them.

Investing in an AudioConexus Audio Guide solution is an opportunity to continue a discussion, exchange ideas, and inspire action.

Find out if AudioConexus is right for you. We’ll save you time by providing expert advice even if we don’t have the solution you’re looking for.

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