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Absolute Action

For the last three decades, Absolute Action Limited has designed, manufactured and installed bespoke fibre optic lighting systems for a huge array of applications worldwide. The Company is passionate about fine fibre optic lighting and its successful integration into the built environment. It is also passionate about lighting art perfectly, paying careful attention always to ensuring the correct colour balance, accurate, durable illumination, free from damaging heat and UV emissions.

Absolute Action works closely with curators and conservators to deliver the best balance between the conflicting interests of display and preservation whilst at the same time respecting the practical need for future flexibility and user-friendliness. Fibre optic lighting has long been established as the illuminating technology of preference where the artefacts being displayed have specific conservation needs.

Absolute Action’s range of fibre optic lighting systems for the illumination of all kinds of delicate exhibits is the result of years of evolution and development to suit changing fashions, emerging technologies and conservation considerations.

AbsoluteAction.jpgAbsolute Action Ltd
Focus House
No 6 Tonbridge Road
Maidstone, ME16 8RP
T: +44 (0)1622 351000







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