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Study Day and Workshops

“A packed globetrotting programme that gives a breadth of insight into museums that is not otherwise accessible – diverse and inspiring” – Susan Eskdale, Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton

Practical Workshops

We are currently in the process of putting together our 2019 workshop programme. We will send conference delegates full details of workshops as they become available. In the meantime, to give you a better idea of the kind of thing to expect, here are some of our previous pre-conference workshops and events:

Digital Engagement Seminar
• Leadership in a Digital World: Challenges and Opportunities – Tonya Nelson, UCL Museums and Collections
• Live Stream Tours – Giving Audiences the Remote Control – Jon Sleigh, Birmingham Museums
•  #ArchiveLottery – A Different Digital Engagement – Adam Corsini, Museum of London
•  How We Funnel Our Museums’ Personalities Through Our Own On Social Media – Russell Dornan, V&A Dundee
•  5 Things I’ve Learned Creating Digital Things For Kids – Sharna Jackson, director/writer/curator

Museum Activism Seminar
•  Claiming Space and Making Change: Activism, Art and Agency –  Adele Patrick, Glasgow Women’s Library
•  Never Going Underground: The Fight for LGBT+ Rights – Catherine O’Donnell, People’s History Museum, Manchester
•  Our Journey Establishing a Migration Museum for the UK – Emily Miller, Migration Museum Project
•  Activism, Homelessness and a New Kind of Museum – Jess Turtle and Matt Turtle, Museum of Homelessness

• All In Means All In: Democratising the Museum Environment – Bill Haley, Founding Partner, Haley Sharpe Design
• Digital Strategy for Museums: An Elegant Route To A Better Result – Alex Morrison, Founder and Managing Director, Cogapp
• Exploring New Museum Models for the 21st Century – Roger Walshe, Head of Programming, Cultural Innovations
• Building Community Through Storytelling – Nicole Emmenegger and Michael Hall, Historypin
• Museum Podcasting: How to Share Your Story and Reach New Audiences – Laura Sheeter and Ruth Barnes, Chalk & Blade
• Hands On Content Development: Script, Build and Test a Multimedia Tour – Marion McAuley, Lead Creative Editor, Imagineear
• Lessons From the Heart of the Chinese Museum Exhibition Design Industry – Matthew Jones, Lead Consultant China, Imagemakers
• Mobile Applications: Engaging Visitors with Immersive Experiences – Leifur Bjorn Bjornsson, Chief Technology Officer, Locatify

‘Collections and Communities’ Study Day at the National Maritime Museum

In 2018 we produced an exclusive ‘Collections and Communities’ Study Day at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, including sessions on ‘Working with Communities’ and ‘Transformational Change’ and special study tours of four new galleries and their new £12 million Conservation and Collections Centre. Over the past 4 years the Royal Museums Greenwich has been undertaking a dynamic journey in the development and delivery of the Endeavour Project. It has been working to facilitate historical, cultural and personal journeys through the collections in the development of four new galleries which will transform the visitor experience and new collections storage and conservation centre that will be open to the public. The galleries – which opened in September 2018 at the National Maritime Museum; Tudor and Stuart Seafarers, Polar Worlds, Pacific Encounters and Sea Things have been created to examine how women and men ventured beyond Britain’s shores to explore the ends of the earth in a quest for knowledge, riches, power and adventure from the late fifteenth century onwards. Visitors to the new galleries will not only discover how people and cultures encountered in the past were irrevocably changed by this contact, but also how Britain was and continues to be transformed by this process. By working with communities to unlock the full potential of the museums rich collections, the galleries will inspire and challenge new generations to set sail on their own voyages of imagination and understanding. The individual and collective voyages will highlight hidden histories and demonstrate contemporary relevance.

The Endeavour Project has created a sea change in the Museum – the journey has been a collaboration of staff, communities and designers. The outcomes include new approaches to community research, co-curation with the revised collection management processes needed and partnership working in the delivery of interpretation and programmes. This exclusive study day will showcase the process and outcomes of collaborative working and demonstrate how the legacy of the Museums own ‘voyage of exploration’ will impact on its future planning and facilitation of collections access. The day will comprise of a series of gallery tours and talks with an option for a group visit to the new Prince Philip Maritime Collections Centre to view the new museum storage facility, learning and research spaces and conservation studios. The Endeavour Project is supported by Heritage Lottery Fund.


Exclusive tours of the London Mithraeum. The Roman Temple of Mithras, dating from the third century, nearly 1,800 years ago, has now been revealed in a unique reconstruction on the site of its original discovery in the heart of the City of London. The immersive temple reconstruction uses carefully directed lights, haze and sound to bring the temple’s remains to life, and to evoke the rituals and activities that took place within its cave-like walls. This memorable reconstruction marks a new direction for the interpretation and presentation of archaeological ruins. The project has taken ten years to complete and has been funded and created by Bloomberg, working closely with the City of London and a team of conservation specialists, in consultation with the expert team at MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology). The immersive display within the temple was created by an interdisciplinary team led by internationally-recognised design firm Local Projects.

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