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Bruns BV

P.O. Box 47
NL-5570 AA Bergeijk
Visit address:
Stökskesweg 11
NL-5571TJ Bergeijk

T.  +31 (0)497 57 70 27
F.  +31 (0)497 55 56 50

Main Contacts
Jan Burgmans - Managing Director    
Patrick Vermeire - Commercial Director

Bruns is a company with the “core business” and which is specialized in development,  production and installation of innovative mechanical or electromechanical interactive exhibits and the realization of complete (interactive) exhibitions, including the maintenance.

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We realize interior and exterior specials, design products, show cases and de complete lighting in museums and in the show cases. Also we build prototypes, scale models, presentation models and interactive models.

With an approach of engineer and build on a very wide scale, we have a full concept approach where we develop the exhibition in a 3 partnerships, client / museum - designer company - engineering & build.

In-house there is the knowledge we need in the project from the Fit-out works, development, engineering, technical design, fine mechanics, mechatronics, furniture, sculpture, modelling, scale modelling, decoration, graphics and finishing.

Bruns BV









The multimedia-design and production and Audio-visual design and production we do with external partners.

Our approach is to put as much knowledge in the projects in the beginning (concept design) and engineer on an intelligence base with 3D-solid Works engineering and with high-tech machines, so the products can be build on an efficient and costs-savings base.

Our company is 49 years old and at this moment we are working with 65 professionals on a fulltime basis.

In Europe we are one of the most complete exhibition builders with a very wide experience in the widest view.

Bruns BV









Summary of our approach to undertaking the commission
The Bruns team will seek to establish a productive working relationship with the client team throughout the project, bringing together the curatorial, interpretative, design management and production expertise necessary to develop and implement the project successfully.

Display Development
For communication it is possible to work with a so called FTP-server, on which we can put al the documents and drawings for communication or approvals. That makes it a lot easier and more efficient. Or different levels we can see and let see the documents.

This is when we prepare all necessary information for implementation, including:

• Clear, unambiguous working drawings will be produced to facilitate efficient fabrication.
• Production details and specifications will be produced on our CAD system, if necessary in 3D engineering, and discussed and agreed with the client.
• Briefs for Audio Visual Software sub-contractors will be drawn up prior to selection of the Audio Visual sub-contractor.

Ensuring a high level of quality
Quality standards for materials, finishes, maintenance etc. will be agreed with the Project Team and built into the production information and specifications.

• Detailed production drawings ensure that the client knows precisely what they are going to get and the production team know what they are required to produce.
• All elements of the display will be fabricated off-site for rapid assembly and installation on-site.
• Off-site works will be carried out by Bruns in their own workshops, where quality standards can be controlled.
• Management of the off-site works will be led by Bruns
• Before delivery there will be a shop approval at the workshop of Bruns.
• All work on-site will be carried out by Bruns using their own labour, ensuring the required quality standards are achieved and progress is made according to programmed.

Quality & Health and Safety
Bruns is ISO 9001/2008 certified and is VCA* certified for Health & Safety.
The Health & Safety document is available in English (enclosed).

Throughout the project we will hold regular meetings through which the client will be kept fully informed of progress. Bruns will prepare and distribute meeting notes to all parties. 

We will prepare a detailed programmed against which progress can be measured from start to finish.  Everyone working on the project will know what their contribution is and when it has to be delivered.  Working within the established budget we will:

• Prepare a cost plan within the budget parameters, which is updated as the design develops.
• Carry out value engineering exercise with the client, if necessary to keep costs within budget.
• Keep client fully informed of all updated costing

During the production phase a ‘change control system’ maintains strict control over any changes that may become necessary.

• All potential changes are coasted to enable informed decisions to be made by client before being auctioned.
• On practical completion, we will prepare a schedule of defects with the client to be addressed within the Defects Liability period.

Bruns will provide maintenance records upon completion of the works.  These records will include all drawings and information necessary for the client to operate the facility, and any further information necessary.

All structural and services engineering, acoustics, lighting, graphics and any other consultancy services required in connection with the exhibition fit out.

All site supervision necessary for the delivery of the fit out.

A monthly progress report in an agreed format for the client.

Attendance at monthly meetings with the client.

Production Stage
Bruns will:

• On receipt of the client’s approval of the final design proposals, prepare the necessary working drawings and specifications including such details and specifications as may be necessary to ensure the proper interpretation of the design intent.
• Carry out all necessary liaisons with the client’s team.
• Agree final cost.
• Establish an agreed cost control procedure.

Construction/ Installation Stage
Bruns will:

• Supervise the contract works through regular site visits and progress meetings throughout the course of works.
• Supervise works in Bruns workshops off site.
• Report to the client on the progress of the work and advice on any changes necessary to deliver the contract within cost and programme parameters.
• Carry out all necessary liaisons with the client
• Report on the financial status of the Project at agreed intervals.
• Maintain standards of quality control.
• On completion of the defects liability period inspect the work and carry out any remedial work required.
• In collaboration with the museum’s staff, advise and assist with the mounting and installation of the exhibits.

Other Specific Services
Bruns will:

• Provide to the client copies of all such drawings as are necessary at all stages of the project, in an agreed format.

• Obtain all Statutory Approvals for the works.

• Advise and assist the Client in preparing a brief for any multimedia exhibits and will develop and install any such exhibits in liaison with the client.

• Advise and assist the Client in preparing a brief for any Audio Visual Exhibits and, where appropriate, obtain quotations for services and will supervise and, in conjunction with the client, direct the development and installation of any such exhibits.

• Provide adequate maintenance records that will include all drawings and information necessary for the client to operate the facility, and any further information necessary.

• Where M&E services are to be installed as part of the exhibition works, Bruns will provide the design services necessary for their complete installation.