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KossmanLogo.jpgDe Ruyterkade 107
1011 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T. +31 (0)20 420 8890

Designing compelling narrative spaces
At Kossmann.dejong exhibition architects, we offer a unique approach to exhibition design - we tell stories through well-designed spatial experiences. Our innovative approach to storytelling results in narrative environments that translate information, ideas and objects into thought-provoking, spatial stories that inform and seduce, involve and engage, inspire and transform visitors.

Founded in 1998 by Herman Kossmann and Mark de Jong, both graduates in architecture from Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands, Kossmann.dejong has grown into an award-winning international design studio based in Amsterdam with approximately 25 employees. The firm creates temporary and permanent exhibitions for museums, visitor centres, historic sites and interiors for clubs, hotels, large-scale events, and other public places. The subjects of the firm’s exhibitions are diverse ranging from architecture, to psychiatry, to children’s books, to maritime history, to art, to biology and beyond.

No matter the subject, Kossmann.dejong’s designs are characterised by strong connections between content and imagination achieved by their design team that frequently includes architects, curators, interior designers, lighting experts, writers, interactive designers, graphic designers, landscape designers, communication experts, artists, craftspeople, filmmakers and content experts such as historians or scientists. Together we create what we call “engaging narrative spaces”.


Image: World Expo Shanghai Urbanian Pavilion © Thijs Wolzak / Kossman.dejong


Image: Micropia body scan ® Thijs Wolzak © Kossman.dejong


Image: National Military Museum ® Thijs Wolzak © Kossman.dejong