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AudioConexus Inc.

AudioConexusLogo.jpgAudioConexus Inc. provides GPS triggered and handheld audio and multimedia interpretation in the global tourism industry. Providing multilingual entertainment, AudioConexus has produced audio tours in more than 20 languages for premier brands around the world.

From the streets of Honolulu to the canals of Amsterdam to the factory floors of Wisconsin – we work with companies to create tour products people love. AudioConexus provides thousands of audio tours daily, developed by our writers, curators and educators, about destinations, works of art, objects and exhibits.

Founded in 2006, AudioConexus is located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. From GPS commentary systems to audio guides and tour guide systems, AudioConexus keeps raising the bar for products our customers love.

AudioConexus’s reputation for creating fun and engaging audio tours with some of the world’s most prestigious museums and attractions has been earned through our creative team. Our team is recognized throughout the industry for their creativity, innovation and ability to bring sites, objects and exhibits to life through stories that engage audiences.

We create better tours, helping people and companies – from Alaska to Singapore, from Iceland to Melbourne. We work on opportunities near and far. On five continents and growing. Our Mission in a nutshell is: Our goal at AudioConexus is to provide the best tour experiences possible, to increase happiness by engaging people in personal and memorable ways.

AudioConexus Inc.
6 Cataraqui Street
The Woolen Mill, West Wing
Suite 105
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 1Z7 Canada

Twitter: @audioconexus