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KE Software

Canada House, 3 Chepstow Street, Manchester, M1 5FW

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A complete service for Museums and Galleries

KE Software is the developer of EMu, one of the world's leading electronic collection management systems for medium to large museums.

EMu provides superior collections management facilities for museums, art galleries, historical societies, herbaria and botanic gardens. EMu is a feature-rich museum management system designed to provide comprehensive management and access to very large and diverse collections. Unlike other museum software, EMu integrates an extensible multi-discipline catalogue with interpretative information and multimedia resources. EMu provides sophisticated tools to enable museums to publish information about their collections on the Internet.

EMu enables you to:

* Support all of your collections from fine arts and decorative arts to anthropology, ethnology and natural history
* Enrich your collection information using power tools that comply with industry standards, eg. SPECTRUM, Dublin & Darwin Core, Z39.19 thesaurus, EXIF metadata for multimedia, XML, SOAP web services, OAI support, plus more
* Record interpretive information and publish this information in a variety of ways
* Produce maps of history trails, guided tours and floor plans
* Establish relationships between resources
* Control the information and records you want to publish

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