New Museum Technology Uses Hologram-like Animations Inside Showcases


A Company in York, UK, has just revealed a new mixed reality system to improve the way stories are told about museum objects.

There are many new ideas in museum technology right now, mostly involving the use of smartphones and augmented and virtual reality headsets, but this one is different. Needing no special glasses or devices, the ColliderCase system presents hologram-like text, animations, illustrations and video right inside the case, next to and even touching or crossing-through the museum object.

This mind-boggling idea is very engaging and charmingly beautiful, but it is also really useful for museum curators when they want to tell an intimate story about their object.

Normally, digital media is banned from showcases because the electronics can detrimentally effect the conditions inside the case and potentially damage an object or artefact irreparably. ColliderCase uses a special optical system to completely avoid these problems, and open-up really exciting possibilities when real objects and digital media meet on the same stage.

The overall effect is that the animations appear to hang in mid air, floating in the same space as the object. The viewer isn’t aware of the technology, they just see stories surrounding and interacting with objects in enchanting and enlightening ways:

See inside objects
See how they work
See their history unfold
View their internal workings like an X-ray
Witness them come to life, or come back to life
Highlight fine detail that is easily missed
Reveal hidden aspects and meanings
Re-instate missing parts
Enjoy seeing objects reunited with related objects

A gallery of images and videos are online at www.collidercase.com. The company will be demonstrating ColliderCase for the first time at the Museums and Heritage Show at Olympia, London, on the 18th and 19th May 2016. Entrance is free.