Museum Ideas 2016 Speaker Profile: JiaJia Fei


Museum Ideas 2016: The Future of Museums in the Era of Participatory Culture
Science Museum IMAX Theatre, London, 6 October

JiaJiaFei_AndyBoyle.jpgSpeaker Profile: JiaJia Fei has recently been appointed Director of Digital at the Jewish Museum in New York following five years as Associate Director of Digital Marketing at the Guggenheim Museum.

JiaJia told artnet news: “I am thrilled to be at the Jewish Museum in this new role and look forward to empowering and collaborating with every dimension of the museum to harness the enormous potential of digital to reach new audiences. The future of museums is in digital storytelling - bringing objects, individuals, and cultures to life online - so I can’t think of a better opportunity than being invited to re-imagine an institution using the tools of our time.”

Join JiaJia Fei and 400+ other museum innovators from all over the world to share the latest insights globally at Museum Ideas 2016 in London.

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Image credit: www.jfei.net