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The new monthly app edition of Museum-iD magazine has just launched on the App Store!

Packed with fresh insights, ground-breaking projects and pioneering new thinking, the new monthly editions of Museum-iD magazine presents a stimulating, enriching and transformative mix of ideas and opinions from leading museum innovators globally.

Start exploring the future of museums. Download the Museum-iD app today: https://itunes.apple.com/GB/app/id980168126?mt=8 

The pace of progress in museums is often remarkable and demonstrates real confidence and enthusiasm in the ongoing movement to reimagine museums for the 21st century. Museums are actively exploring how to be participatory, collaborative, flexible and responsive. Museums want to be relevant, accessible and adaptable, to try new ideas even if it means making mistakes along the way. There is a desire to challenge, take risks and experiment.

Our new app editions takes a progressive, global view of museums with world-leading museum professionals sharing fascinating insights and fresh ideas. The app means we can now deliver exceptional content to our global readership in a timely, convenient and attractive way.

We developed the app with the brilliant Surface Impression and have been hard at work for the past 12-months to ensure we produce an exceptional new resource for the international museum community. The print edition of Museum-iD (current issue, no.17) will still be published and available 3 times a year as it is now. The new app edition will be published 12 times year and is designed to be stand-alone publication separate from the print edition. Initially only available for iPad and iPhone, an Android version will follow later in the year. 

Start exploring the future of museums. Download the Museum-iD app today: https://itunes.apple.com/GB/app/id980168126?mt=8